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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 9 P90X!

YEA ME! I can't believe I made it through week one! LOL! BOOYEA! I notice a difference already! My diet can use some polishing up. I am thrilled to actually feel really good right now. I do feel really tired though. I talked to someone on a P90x board that says I may not be eating enough! YIKES! I am still nursing so my calories are being eaten up with that, and that could be leading me to feeling sluggish and tired. Of course I am hungrier then I am nursing! What's up with that! I'm pretty happy with myself!

I am drinking water, water, water and running to the bathroom on a regulary basis. That's all fine with me! I have been neglecting both my crafts and I'm afraid I have been pushing off posting anywhere to make a $. I am in the process of divorce (I mentioned in previous blog post) with an Emergency hearing super soon! Needless to say this has me in a tizzy and flurry of phone calls, emails and searching the web for support and help. I am in a dire need of a glue stick and glitter break!

Little one is growing like a weed! Can you say "Army crawl?" Hold on to your butts, little one has gone mobile! LOL! If he is not rolling, he's army crawling! It's funny of course all the fun begins now! He is sitting on his own accord now as well, much to the delight of my sister that came to visit us last Saturday. She was just tickled pink!

So my P.O.A. tomorrow is to do some sort of craft and I will post pictures! I was working on some Mod Podging words on rocks that we found on the lake last year. With a dash of glitter of course! I may do something this evening I know it's late but I am finding it hard to sleep. Off for now!

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