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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Columbian Parachute Project

I've been MIA for a bit. As I mentioned in my last post I couldn't help but be in a funk, but also we have had so much Jerry Springer Drama that I feel I am in the need of a getaway somewhere where I can just think or relax. It's diffently calling for me to just unwind or blow off steam.

In the meantime I had gotten in my biz cards for Little Cries & Lullabies Doula Services! I'm super excited about that endeavor! Birth of course is one of my favorite things, and I would have a baseball team if I could handle it healthwise. I'm not a Duggar so I am hoping for maybe one more wee one down the line! 45 is my magic number.

Now I am finishing up Parachutes that will be dropped over Columbia! There will be Bible's attached to spread the word and love of Jesus Christ! There is a speaker coming in to talk about the mission and it is also a Mother/Daughter dinner, with dishes native to Columbia, MMM! I'm making fried Plantin and Pork filled turnovers! Wish my luck on that one, I'm not very good with anything that is related to dough. There is a variety of failed recipes that my family has been troopers about and give me a half hearted thumbs up. God love them!

I am going to work at getting some projects out for sale, my Etsy shop is bare! I sold a few Cracker Jack prizes and need to list a bunch more. Work! Work! Work!

 The girls, baby and I participated in the 8th Annual Agape Walk for Fair Haven walk on last Saturday. It was a 3 mile walk that had some pretty intense winds going on! We huffed and puffed while we enjoyed the morning out, taking in both nature and a great cause!  

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