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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling fuzzy and dreary

I think it's the weather but I'm pretty bummed lately, could be Mercury or some other planet is in retrograde or that maybe I am just super consumed with worries. Court with STBX, or police investigation for STBX not going anywhere or news our son (M) is having more seizures again and there is nothing I can do to help because of STBX. (*see my story on my other blog) 

On the bright side I did start Etsy and made a few bucks! I have 2 job leads and an interview on Thursday! I am still working out on P90X! I have just started Week 4, I actually thought of doing doubles of the workout or incorporating an older workout~ Yoga, booty, ballet, Turbojam or Walking with Lesile Sansone. But, I am so pooped after the P90X workout I don't see me doing it right now. I was planning on doing some glittering today but we will see, feeling kind of humdrum...

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