Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Friday, April 5, 2013

It's time Spring! Come on!

My seeds have finally sprouted, they are doing wonderful! They promise our family, food, an occassional "Oh or Ah!", a bit of income and a plan to store their goodness as the weather turns cold again.

Re-capping last year:
I loved canning! I enjoyed learning how to do it, enjoyed the bounty of a job I did with my 2 hands! OK a down side was that my back did hurt from standing so long at the stove or prepping them to use. I love gardening but my sciatic was killer!

All in all that was a small price to pay for happy faces, popping open a can when I had forgotten to "buy" a jar of spaghetti sauce or salsa.

I'm going to do it more!

Bees coming soon! We added ducks and a few more chickens. Terry is now Mr. Mom and I started to work outside the home. He is really digging the whole experience.

More to come! Have a happy day!

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