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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Goals

Read my Bible- At least 1 chapter a day- 1 book of the Bible a week
Pray more often- Get a prayer journal or notebook
Spend more time with my Love
More 1 on 1 time with my Lil' Squeezes
Play! Family game night
Read my daughter's stories
Exercise (3 to 5 times a week) Trouble right now since my back is out
Drop 10 lbs- I have been doing it backwards, I gained 10 lbs :(
Practice Self Defense
Practice shooting (my gun~ I do have a permit and need this for in case my ex comes too close)
Learn Archery
Learn to fish (I hate worms so this will be a big thing for me!)
Learn to gut something we catch
Rent a antique spot for all of my cool stuff!
Buy some storage units
Plan our garden
Order seeds
Order Bee's/Take Bee class first! (See a Dr about an Epi pen in case :) )- I did order them and they are arriving on 4/20! Also joined local Beekeeping group!
Order Buck-eye chicks
Order Lamb (s) *See my friends Mom about raising and other things
Take lots more family pictures!
Craft more! Finish my PH D (Projects Half Done)/Sew clothing! Finish crocheting my blanket!(A lady from church has been teaching me the stitches!- I am doing really good on my blanket, it's about 2 ft long now.
Take a First Aid course- DONE!
Create a new vision board-DONE but still working on it here and there
Plan my Mom's herb garden
Tape my family history (Grandma)
ACTUALLY read books off my growing bookshelves and sell after I read or just sell others- Read 4 books- 2 were library books. READ- The 7: Seven wonders that will change your life- Glenn Beck,
Killing Kennedy/Killing Lincoln- O'Reilly, and Little House on the Prairie.
Write my story!- Still working on this one. I have had a hard time writing it due to the emotions it brings out. I have had a reporter do a story on me recently and a dear friend did allow me to write a short bio about me too!
Make Cheese/Yogurt
Pay off- Kids school book fee's/ Pay something on my student loan (Medical Assistant that I still didn't find a job doing~ GRRFACE!)
Do something off my Big Bucket list!
Learn electrical and woodworking!
Camp out side with the wee monkey (in the yard)

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