Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Crazy chickens taking a bath in our window!

WHAT?! You heard me! I've noticed the basement window has been filled with dirt granted it appears to need some serious TLC and perhaps regrading along the house. There are some water issues in the basement. Every once in awhile there is seepage after a rain or when the snow melt.

I was hanging out clothes when I saw this chick in action! I did take a video of her and a few other silly hens caught in the act that you can find on our YouTube channel.

It was an amazingly beautiful day that we have been blessed with over the past week or so. We have been taking advantage as much as we can. I put my mulch project on hold for a few days as Mr. Awesome decided to burn along the fence line of our garden before I start wheeling in more. Also the no-till process maybe better with the chickens doing they're thing. Some of the spots where I mulched in has already been fiddled with by the Girls. The plan is to get them in the Chick-saw or in their own run. They will have room to free range but we are going to limit it to certain spots that need to be picked free of bugs or weeds.

We are offering eggs for sale! We have a about 3 dozen available and I will be posting on my FB if you are in the area and would like to buy them. $2.00 a dozen! You heard me right! We want to make them affordable for anyone that would like free range eggs.

We had an unexpected visit from Brian who is Terry's oldest and dearest friend from grade school. I was too tired to sit and visit as much as I would have liked and then this happened...

There was an incident I will mention later so I was down in the basement to get the water rolling for the duck pool when I nearly stepped on this little one! We found a Salamander last year before the winter set in but I had Mini Man set it free. This wee one is a bit smaller then the other he had. Mr. Awesome is talking about putting into a tank. But it's missing a top so he will create a new one. Right now this wee one will stay in the shoe box.

There are holes for breathing. Mini Man already has found some spiders and worms for feeding and I threw in a fly that almost given up the ghost when I found it.

It was an interesting day! I had energy over the past few days to sweep and vacuum. This is a major feat for me! Most days I come home, visit with the family for a 1/2 hour or so shower and sleep for an hour or more.

It felt good to do some housework. Dusting sounds in order depending on how I feel. Though we have this glorious weather, my head has been achy and my joints have been on fire. I did have a bit of perspective yesterday during my Lyme meeting that meets on the 3rd Tuesday on the month at a local library, some of the Women had shared a bit of what symptoms they were facing and mine pale in comparison. I thanked them for sharing as I felt normal compared to what they deal with! Crazy right!?

I learned I can't be an Organ donor but our fearless leader Bonnie advised that John Hopkins or perhaps another group maybe interested in my parts for researching of Lyme. OH! I have no plans on joining the Lord, of course when He calls me home it will be a blessing!

I don't mean to sound macabre there is a high rate of serious health issues with chronically ill patients. There is also a high rate of depression and suicide as dis-ease progresses in many cases symptoms can have many cross over to a breaking point. No, I am not considering this alternative!

I am just trying to share awareness about this difficult and tragic matter. I'll be creating some FB Live vlogs to discuss Lyme and Domestic Violence both subjects are near to my heart. I have mentioned before I share my story to let others learn about and know they are not alone. They are also not crazy! My story is no different then the countless others that are still unknown.

These Ladies at the Lyme group opened up to share how much havoc and damage this dis-ease has caused. The challenges, broken relationships as well as the cost! Many times health insurance does not cover the expense of testing, medications, special equipment and supplements needed.

Now back to our critters! This girl right here...
Rolled in POOP! Mr. Awesome noticed her fur was kind of funky and her collar had what appeared to be mud on it but it wasn't mud. I promise I didn't laugh, when he wrinkled up his nose after realizing what was on his hands. Though I did give him an apologetic EW! He suggested turning the hose on her. I wanted to fill the duck pool anyway and you read the above about finding the Salamander!

I heard from my bestie as she offered prayers for my Dad whom is going for open heart surgery tomorrow. I was hoping to pay them a visit but I haven't been up for a long ride. SAD FACE! I did get to talk to him for a bit until a great shriek and cries came from the living room.

Peanut and Mini Man were being silly when Mini Man met Peanuts elbow/arm in the nose. No blood, no broken bones but plenty of howling. I thought his nose was broken. Peanut was beside herself I assured her all is well. The episode of melancholy was broken by Mr. Buttons walking in and proceeding to lick his private parts... Anything related to butts or private parts are hilarious to a 5-7 year old child. Of course 17 year old girls think it's just too funny too. Especially when I start interjecting voices into the mix!

Today like every other day was a blessed day. Tomorrow I'll share my plant starts from earlier this month. I plan to start some more as well. Did I say come on Spring?

Hope your day is wonderful!

Whatever your journey is I #believeinyou

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