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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Never a dull moment around here!

 GREAT news! Dad is recovering well from his open heart surgery! Mom will head back to the hospital tomorrow of course. He'll be there for a bit recovering of course. What a relief!

I woke up with a start from a much needed nap this afternoon. There was a sudden noise that I couldn't place. Come to find out the local electric company was taking care of the pole(s) Mr. Awesome asked if we could have! 

I caught them in action digging and planting a pole to be used for a light and perhaps part laundry line. We also got several other poles that are ear marked from something marvelous only from the super imagination from that Man o' mine! 

He working on an outhouse that will also use possibly the compost toilet from the bus for now. I did have ideas of grandeur today but was super tired and kind of just spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching Netflix, and I was daydreaming of Spring. Well, I did manage to take a few pictures of the guys with the pole, my seedlings from a few weeks ago that shot up once I replanted them and Mini Mans attempt to save the world from the pesky flies that invaded the house from the warm weather. 

I also chatted with my Daughter (my China Doll) and she is doing wonderful! Short stack is crawling too and up to mischief. I can't wait to see them again soon. They are battling a cold right now so we will wait until they don't have cooties. If you followed my other blog you may recall her battle with Depression (Postpartum) but she is on antidepressants and is feeling "happy" This is wonderful news to my ears. I am super proud of how far she has come. Their ordeal with CPS should be over very soon, which will help with any remaining stress they are feeling. God is so GOOD!

Tomorrow I plan to start more seeds at least that is the game plan today. I'm anxious this week besides my Dads surgery this upcoming Saturday is a BIG DAY for me/us. I'll post about it here and on my other blog (this will be a hint about what it's about!) 

I also will start to work on my ebook, crank out some more Guest post questions as well as ask a few other AMAZING folks if they would like to share their stories of inspiration. I think I'll actually sit down and work on my Vision board too! I'm praying for more energy to get these fun things done. 

I had planned to start listing things again on eBay but I still haven't done it. I'm torn. I like the idea of setting up in the yard or at the Flea market but know a broader audience is needed. I looked at my stock yesterday and fell in love with the many items I have. Sometimes I buy because an item speaks to me so I enjoy it for a bit and then resell or gift it to someone. I had gotten burned a few years back by a buyer that claimed the item was broken and another that said they never received it. Oh and there is the sale that I lost money on because they were from a expensive area to ship in California. 

These lessons learned but that caused me to shy away from selling there. I had an Etsy shop but someone said my items were not handmade and vintage so my shop was shut down by Etsy. I had marked vintage jewelry and literally handmade floral items (I still have pictures of many of the items on my FB) I figured that must have been a competitor? I inquired and complained but that went nowhere. GRRFACE! So what's a Girl to do?

Have you checked out our YouTube channel yet? 

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