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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good-bye Cocky Locky!

I'm sad to say our Banty Roo disappeared. He had been experiencing leg spasms and general malaise. I keep expecting him to come out of the field somewhere. I have an infinity towards the Bantam breed or perhaps it's because I love Miniature anything. I am truly sadden by his loss. He was my last Banty.

Now this isn't the first time we have just seemingly lost a chicken out of thin air and I'm sure it won't be the last. In the past when a chicken was under the weather they would wander off never to be seen again. In my mind I try to romanticize that they found a comfy spot to settle down and pass on. The latter is just too intense to think about. SEE! This is why I shouldn't get attached to our farm animals! I blew my own rule. I'm a BIG sap. I cry at commercials. If someone shares their story of woe or happiness, I cry. If someone gives me a tip at work I cry (This is humbling for me. I treat others how I like to be treated and the last 2 days have been very generous and moving for me with how kind guests have been by tipping!).

I'm not a cry baby just very empathetic and caring. If you read my other blog about my journey as a Domestic Violence Survivor I wear my heart on my sleeve. If someone contacts me to share, it is moving for me when someone shares how reading my blog has helped them. I'm not tooting my own horn.

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been offline a bit. I have just been focusing on my family and in the moment. I may cruise around on Pinterest or Instagram but not for long. There is so much to do. I have to plan my day with 2 things in mind:

1) How am I feeling after work
2) How am I feeling in general

Pushing myself is never a good option. I tend to work myself with such intensity in order to get what I need done finished.

Enough about me!

Peanut has the garden detail this summer. She has been doing a great job! Rather then go nuts and just buy more and more plants I figure that I will get maybe 5 to 10 a year and add to our garden and around the home every year.

The plants I had gotten from Mom are looking pretty sad but I pray they will come around next year.

We went on an adventure last Saturday! Each year I ask the kids to pick 3 things they would like to
do or to go. (Within reason of course) Her picks were the Museum, Zoo and Turkey Run. So we went to Turkey Run! We stayed about an hour and then hit Rockville for lunch, antiquing and ice cream. I was able to have a long weekend and I needed to recover from Saturday for sure! The weather was nice, not too hot, humid or rainy. Can't wait for next year! My eldest was unable to go with us as Short Stack is sick with a virus. Poor baby! She is also cutting her first tooth.

Mr. Awesome has been working on various projects. From
getting a spigot for the outside to creating a cabinet for the kitchen about the stove.

Cherries and Mulberries are ready for picking! We picked a few gallon bags but I hope to can some for pies or jelly/jam. Now we have an understanding in the house for no one to mess with the jars at all. I was saddened to have lost dozens of jars because someone popped them before they cooled as well as leaving the rings on. I was horrified when a jar I had given to someone was moldy!


It was JV and thankfully she is wonderful and understanding. She gave me a cute jar with a cross-stitched chicken on it that is adorable. I haven't decided what I'm going to fill it with yet. I have my goals, dreams and wishes that I keep in a box perhaps I'll put those in there instead. OR maybe I will just a thankfulness jar. Either way I am so touched!

What a charmed life we live. Rant to follow right now...

I don't get how people can sleep at night when they are untruthful, surly and downright deceiving. I am a terrible liar. I don't even lie well. I recently cut the hose with my Garden Claw and confessed to Mr. Awesome because I felt so guilty. Oh, now don't get me wrong I have done my fair share of untruthfulness. Like blowing money on a donut or something random that I didn't need and not telling.

I feel if I talk the talk I should walk the walk. I'm not perfect. I fail. I curse. I unsavory thoughts. I
don't always choose the right path. Because I think I'm right doesn't mean I am. Such with the situation above. (I still think I am though) I don't always handle situations right. I am a hypocrite. I fail everyday as a Christian. Boy, I sure am thankful God loved me so much he sent his only Son to die for my sins.

Yep, I went there. Before you shut this window please do me a favor.

Why do you not believe? If you curse God or say why does God let bad things happen to me, think about this...

You are mad, hurt or angry at the wrong being. God is not necessarily lovey dovey. He's not looking the other way at sin nor does he want you miserable.

There is one that loves you to curse the Lord. There is one that dances when you fight or shut your heart God or enjoys it when you fight with your loved ones. The devil has dominion over the earth to tempt you, drag you through the bramble and valleys.

The devil is delighting in your misery and your letting it do just that.

God is not a magician. There is no wand to be waved. If there is maybe your praying to the wrong God. Prayers aren't always answered or answered right away for reasons we can not begin to fathom!

Have a falling out with church? Or perhaps people are judgmental/cliquish at church. Maybe your going to the wrong church. I'm going because I want to hear God's word not because I want to join groups or see what this person is wearing or the latest gossip about such and such. I'm going to join hopefully like minded persons. A church should be a place of healing. A place to find comfort. No one there is without sin. Consider it a hospital for broken spirits. And don't harden your heart if that place where you seek refuge is not what it should be.

I had no intentions on writing these things but have thought about my path and how the things of my past have come to be blessings.

Want to learn more check these out:
Common Man's Institute
Reg Kelly
Dr. David Peacock

Still reading? Great! Now look at my life. God has moved mountains and made miracles in my life. Please read my story of Lyme disease as well as a Survivor of Domestic Violence for my story. Also check  here for my vlogs.

I know I am still pondering the wonders of how everything turned out the way it did....

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Wherever your journey takes you, know I bid you happiness and joy.


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