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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had a radical thought today on my way to Women's Bible study...

Well, actually, it was more of me rambling my mouth off my prayers to God. I couldn't help but turn my thoughts to Him and to what are His needs? Is he sad or upset at the state of His children? Being a parent myself, I often feel frustrated, upset and worried about what my children are doing. There is a great need to check on them when they are quiet... You know they are up to something!

God wants us to give Him praises and glory, why not prayers? I told God I would pray for him. I'm sure he is besides himself with wondering what to do about us down here. We have the Word of God at our fingertips in many cases and yet we blow it off. Some don't believe in God. In many countries people are now dying for the belief that God is out there. Here I am in the safe confines of my home, able to worship God, pray for him and others, and there are so many in this world that can not do this...

Don't wait for a catastrophe to hit your life, don't wait for rock bottom or during your last breathe to pray or to get to church. Pray for God. He has a tough job! Some Moms have Twins, Triplets or more. God has millions, upon millions of children that are lost or unbelieving. As a parent wouldn't that rip your heart out?

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