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Friday, June 24, 2011

Struggling to find your voice

Struggling to find your voice

In the face of conflict we might be tempted to just go with the flow and not make waves. The path of least resistance is saying "yes" when you want to say "no" and that road is always paved with regrets and mistakes. While compromise is good and a necessary part of healthy relationships, no one should have to fully deny their feelings and remain voiceless while others dominate a situation. It might feel easier to nod your head and passively agree, but in the long run you are being cheated. While there might be a whole list of justifications and excuses for stepping off the path of your principles, staying true to yourself reaps countless more rewards than selling out to appease someone else. Reconcile today the negative passivity you have displayed in the past.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

So neglectful!

I have been so neglectful of my blog here! I have not crafted much at all but I have been busy with my other blogs I'm afraid. You can find them here- http://www.littlecriesandlullabies.blogspot.com/ and http://www.hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com/ .

And we took a mini vacation to Marion, IL to visit Terry while he was away for a few weeks. It was a very nice time! Of course my ever present crazy divorce has kept me researching things for upcoming Mediation and court for next week.

I am going to be at a Healthy Mom & Baby Fair tomorrow!


What: FREE Healthy Mom & Baby Fair
Where: The Vitamin Shoppe, (across from Southlake Mall) 2217 E 80th Ave, Merrillville IN
When: Saturday, June 11th. 10am– 2pm
ntacts: Becky at The Vitamin Shoppe 756-0599
Dr Trish Hammett at New Life Family Chiropractic 769-5433
Come receive valuable information, vitamin samples and coupons that will help you have a healthier pregnancy, delivery and baby! Get information on midwives, OB’s, breastfeeding, natural delivery, doulas, vitamins for pregnancy and children, birth classes, VBAC support, pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care, cloth diapering, baby carriers and slings, and more…!

So I am super excited and anxious! I have my Doula bag together to use as a prop, gathered samples on short notice, blew up my Birth ball and in the process of finishing up a Power Point to keep running on my laptop! So if you live in NW Indiana stop by and see us!

Have a great Friday and I hope to get some projects soon!