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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Farm Girl I am not!

I have been slacking here and on my other blogs, email and so on... We are helping someone revamp an old Farmhouse! EEECCKKK!!! Yes, I'm in love with the country life, but a Farm Girl I am not!

The overwhelming ideas in my head swirling from homesteading someday is so tremendous! I am giddy with anticipation of having a home again someday. Even though it will probably be a rental place due to the great never ending divorce saga, my credit took a nose dive when I left due to Soon to be ex, not paying a darn thing. Bye-bye went the house to the bank and everything else! But that's my other blog! Happy stuff or at least none Crazy man things here!

Hedge Apples! I have a texture fetish and love how these feel and look, they smell great and are supposed to keep various bugs away.
 This little gnome was aching for a picture! I found him in a barn and he was so darn cute!
 I really dig this old sink!
 Great old hooks Terry found upstairs!

 Random Mini Man shot!
I've fancied so many ideas from pinterest that my storage on the computer is chock full of things I can't wait to do!

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