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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Almost blown away, Antique store outing and other random stuff!

It is windy here at God's Breath Farm and today is no exception! Here in the Midwest we are experiencing winds at 55+! 

We are on a small incline (hill) so we don't have too many outdoor things that we don't want to fly away. Kind of stinks because I would love to have a bunch of cute stuff, but that means I need to get more creative! Challenge accepted!

The animals are bravely holding on tight when they ventured out today. Ms.Henny Penny of course decided she is staying put in the coop. Can't say that I blame her.

After the billing fiasco with our propane company we did get a fill-up yesterday. Mr. Awesome went out to speak with the driver and ask for the invoice. Last fill-up the invoice blew away! More about the propane adventure on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel

We haven't been out to tour an antique shop in a while! Mr. Awesome suggested lunch out, visit to the local True Value and later he said how about we check to see if those shops are open?

What was my response?  That's a no-brainer!YES! 

Hope you like the pictures. I took a bunch! If you are ever in Remington, IN drop into Mini Measures and Junque shop which is across the street.  

Ohio Street, Remington, Indiana,  219.261.3665

Call ahead just in case! Both shops are owned by a Husband and Wife team. Sometimes things happen and they don't open or open later.

 Seeing this dress form makes me miss Samantha! She was the form I had for 10+ years. We downsized for our school bus tour.

No trip complete without creepy doll!  

Now pictures from Junque shop! It's a great "Man store" or should I say great for "Mantiques"! 

Of course I did have to come home with something! I have always wanted a Mudman! The Cats paw cow bell has also called to me. The little boy figure seems to match another I found last year. I was excited! 

What do you think?

Mr. Awesome in his usual fashion took care of my crowded starter plant issue. YEA! He will be able to have 4 shelves on 3 windows! They hold a bunch of plants for now. Of course they will get bigger and he has since made a support bar for the sagging. 

My dream Greenhouse will have to wait a bit more. Maybe next year... 

I love this Guy! He is keeps me laughing. He is also my memory when my Lyme fog sets in. I have a habit of leaving things half done. You ever have those times when you walk in a room with a clear intention of doing 1 thing and you totally forget and do something entirely different? Or walk into a store with things that you didn't need and forget to get what you meant to buy? 

Did you get a chance to see our Birthday cake song for my eldest Daughter? If not check out My FB page to find this super silly post. It can be found on March 6th 2017. 

I hope your day has been a blessing! More soon! 

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