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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

Boy oh boy! I have felt so BLAH for so long it's pitiful! Now I run between this blog, my hopewhentherewasnone blog, littlecriesandlullabiesdoula and redrumhotel blog. And I have been neglecting everything lately. No excuse really. Just have not felt like doing much of anything.

But I have made Rose water (which I forgot to put in the fridge and it molded DUH!), Oil of: Oregano, Rose, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon. Also, Coop refresher (Lavender/Peppermint), and 6 Quart jars of Apple Cider Vinegar. I also canned several things over the summer!

I did propagate my African Violet and made 3 little plants a few months ago! YIPPEE!

Call it a pity party for me, but sheesh already, I'm tired of feeling tired!

So! Today I-

1) Surfed the web- a horrible habit and my addiction to Pinterest is way too crazy!
2) SSSHHHH!- I wrapped a few gifts I have been collecting here and there.
3) Went outdoors to muck out the chicken coop... and checked on the new meat and 2 hens also the eggs I have incubating (my last batch was sad and out of 9 only 2 hatched but died SAD FACE!) Cleaned they're cage too!
4) Checked on the new additions to our bunny hutch! Jess's bunny birthed 2 little one's yesterday.
5) Started domestic stuff- Laundry, dishes
6) Started dinner- Chicken chili and Cream of Potato soup (Panera copy cat)

7) Broke open my Sewing machine and repurposed 3 T-shirts into bags, repurposed a kitchen towel into an apron for Mini Man and made a bread bag. Now I'm itching to do more! I see an Owl of some sort in my future!

I feel more accomplished today. A few projects out of the way.
Planning on a few more smaller ones perhaps tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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