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Monday, December 19, 2011

Super excited!

I can not wait for Spring! We have so many ideas for the farm from gardening to revamping the place. in the meantime I began decorating for Christmas last Thursday. Yes, I know! I know! Christmas is right around the corner and I just dusted off the totes for decorating.

I was so dog gone tired of opening boxes that I threw up my hands and complained to Terry that I didn't want to do any decorating. I sort of stomped my feet and pouted. Hands on my hips and everything!

He gently asked me to just look through things and decide then. Especially since our Mini tornado is still plowing through anything not tied down. So I relented and waved the white flag. Once I got going I was pretty happy he talked me into it. How can I forget my super cute Fisher Price Little People Nativity! Ultimate happy face! As above my Mini man was thrilled to start playing with it! It was a pleasant surprise present last Christmas from my Favorite Guy.

We are really starting to love it here. It feels like home. Terry and I are enjoying the birds, fire's and being so close to nature! Deer at our front and back door!

The girls have adjusted very well to school. Though both are anxious to have Christmas break! 

Someone enjoying a yummy donut this morning! And Maggie is hoping to grab a piece!

 Alex and Jess not so happily helping me make some homemade bird feeders with pinecone's, peanut butter and birdseed. I gathered the pinecones from the front yard and didn't know so many little bugs still made them home at this time of year! YUCK!

 My favorite guys and Maggie enjoying the great outdoors! Maggie is eagerly awaiting for someone to let her out to eat any creature she can sink her teeth into!
 Now this is a Cardinal, he started to flap his wings to go back to his nest!
 Fire time! Loving the view, which I can see from our kitchen window! Alex and Terry soaking up some warmth from the fire!

Jess and her friend Ve loving the view!

Have a great night!

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