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Monday, January 31, 2011

Our chunky monkey is on the move!

Who would have thought that at 39 I would be going through the pregnancy stage again? Oh gosh I had wanted more kids for the longest time! I just had to find the right guy! Long story visit my other blog for that Jerry Springer saga.

Here's me about 8 months along...

Our chunky monkey came into the world on       Sept 10, 2011. He shares this day with his big sister, Alex! He was 8 lbs and 2 oz

Proud Daddy with Kalven!

Alex (11), sitting down with a goofy grin, Jess (12) is standing.

Our little guy at home a few days later!

My how time has flown by! He is now a little over 4 months old and is turning over quite well. He pushes himself around abit with his feet. He has discovered his toes and loves checking out his hands. It seems like a lifetime ago when the girls and my older son were at this stage. It goes by so quick! He should be up and around in the next few months. Oh boy I am so not ready for that!

I was going to start working out again (P90x first time using this). But I am feeling so cruddy! I even thought of picking up my glue gun but I just can't motivate myself to do much more today. SIGH! I need all the energy for chasing little one around in a few months! Plus we have been invited to a wedding in June. I hear a new dress calling!

Ms. Disorganized is filing!

Well! Over the past few weeks I got my groove thing on and actually made some progress regarding my filing of craft ideas, recipes and the like.I was so proud of myself! Of course much to my chagrin I found a another binder filled with ideas I have collected to use for meals and crafts. SIGH!

Right now I'm alittle challenged as our house has came down with a nasty cold. Terry has an awful cough, we are all sniffling and hacking. I was wondering if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that hit me! At least that's how I feel right now. I feel as bad as I look.

I went out to the laundry mat this morning to get our clothes done before the blizzard hits. Checking our stock of staples (milk, bread and so on). Sounds like a good day to go to bed early!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Oh I am an 80's chick! I wore the Madonna look, lace, necklaces, rubber bracelet (back then you hit a the plumbing aisle!). Oh and helmet hair! I had some wild hair back then.

On Fridays we are going to spin out some oldies! Ok now I am showing my age with this one but it was fun to watch! Break out your torn jeans and cut off sweat shirt!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Click it Forward!

Getting what your worth is a huge trend this year in the world of Mom Blogging. One way to do this is to look for brand partnerships. Another way is to meet your goals is to engage your readers. That's why today we are kicking off the Click It Forward campaign. We're not asking for handouts, we're asking for the community that reads and writes blogs to support each other with a few simple clicks of your computer mouse.

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Click It Forward

Mod Podge Jewelry pendant mini books!

I went alittle nuts with this! I had seen some books made with Mod Podge recently and decided to kick it up a bit. I really wish I had some more jewelry supplies to put on jump rings, but I am being frugal and using what I have on hand! I plan to put these on Etsy soon! I had fun making them and they are pretty addicting!

To give you an idea how big these are...



I can't wait to make more! Or wear them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hobby Lobby and me!

Ok, I have been having an affair from afar with Hobby Lobby! GIGGLE! Terry and I went there for a little gift for someone. IN and OUT!? NAH! As we began walking through the first aisle, Terry clearly saw that this was not just a quick grab and go trip. I couldn't help myself! There was glass that sparkled, shined, crackled, antiqued, and bejeweled! I OOOHHHH'd and AAAHHH'd! My eyes were as big as saucers!

I'm a person that has to touch EVERYTHING! I'm terrible, I love touching things with textures, rough, super soft, you name it. And of course anything with a button is not sacred! I push buttons and pull things that make sounds. I love the tinkly sounds of windchimes, bells, and what have you. That loud annoying sound? Yup! That's me! I know I am worse then the kids. I ended up with a cart full of goodies from the clearance aisle. Secret Pal's started again so I had gotten some cute little things for my pal! A few things for projects I have been thinking about starting.  I am super excited to get working!

Prior to Hobby Lobby we went to a Resale shop called Elaine's off Broadway on the fringe of Lake Ridge/Gary. They expanded the store and they have great treasures! I found a few vintage forks that I have some plans to craft with. Sheets of music for decoupage, children's books that I will both use for decoupage, making purses out of and framing. I also found a few things to post on eBay or Etsy. 

I did find 2 things I was looking for a bit, a Waffle Iron ($5) looks brand new with a box! and Pasta maker ($7) in a box looks awesome. I can't wait to use them! WAHOO!

Now I'm off to dream of my favorite store... Hobby Lobby...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrist bracelets!

I have been seeing these darned things all over the web and decided to give it a try! No pattern and just off the cuff (no pun!). I worked with a pair of jeans I had tore apart to use for my Christmas stockings, some fun fabric and neat findings to embellish! I made one for each of my girls and am working on one for me!

Alex's! I was surprised she did not pick out more stuff to add to this!

Jess's bracelet



Made this for someone special!

MINE! Was there any doubt!? I could have went with more bling, but decided to make another some other time!

Close uo of mine! I have an old fan earring I couldn't part with from 1982!I lost the other and thought to save it si I could use it someday! HEHE!

I also have plans for some things the baby has grown out of. I hope to post some pictures soon!

Happy Saturday!

Secret Pal!

The Secret Pal luncheon was LOVELY!  We had a wonderful array of goodies!A salad,breaded chicken, tasty soup in bread bowls, rasberry juice with rasberries! OH and DESSERT! It was scrumptous delight of a variety of cookies! YUM! I wish I took my camera, the decorations were adorable and you could choose your tea. French Vanilla, Rasberry, Mint, Peach and a few more! I was so stuffed! I am nursing so I am eating just about all day! I felt I would have to be rolled home! No dinner for me... GIGGLE!

The gift exchange went very well, there were plenty of OOOHHHH's and AAAAHHH's as each person both opened their gift and found out who they're Secret Pal was! Both myself and my Secret Pal already knew who was who. SHUCKS! But it was still fun to send cards and small gifts throughout the time we were Pals.

I received a beautiful handmade lap quilt that has snowpeople on it! LOVE IT!  All and all it was a great time and I can't wait to do it again this year!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage goodies!

Terry and I had a busy day! I was thrilled to receive a call for an interview at a hospital for Medical Assisting! They are seeking someone with more experience but I am hopeful! It is part time which would work out well since little one may have a bit of adjusting to do. But Daddy will be a great Mr. Mom!

After a quick dash and change into some comfey clothes we headed to Crown Point! We had lunch at Twelve Islands and headed into our favorite antique shops on the Square. Old Green Shutters

The owners have wonderful taste and I am tickled at the new goodies everytime I go in there!

I love SHINY things!

I also have a fascination with clocks! Not sure why but this display was neato!

Ok I love cubbies! I could just imagine this sitting in our apartment!

This Children's metal horse was in great condition!

LOVED THIS! Anything under glass always looks cool! Too bad this was on Hold I really liked it!

I have a metal lampshade like this one and had plans to put old pictures on it. But what a great idea to display some old keys!

Looks like someone went lampshade crazy!

These wonderful pieces were right as you walked into the shop! I wish I had a house! Oh and a job so I could buy all this neat stuff! I did actually get something... I'll post tomorrow!

The clock is HUGE! And awesome! It would look wonderful again, hanging on my wall in our dining area! All in all we had a good time here. Hope to go back again soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The "Be" Series

Words can play a powerful role in one's life. Words can uplift, support, encourage and hurt. Words are such so vital in our daily lives, all it takes is one word to make or break someone. Rather then thinking negatively, I like to focus on how to reword or think of more positive words to include in my life.

Coming from a family violence background it has really amazed me at how powerful simple words can be! I became so wrapped up in the negative words that were thrown at me/us that I lost sight of the positive outlook in both my life and myself as a person!

Stick and stones right? But cutting, mean spirited words such as Stupid, Ugly, Dummy and cursing at a child can really bring down one's esteem. Hearing such words not only sets the tone for the rest of the day but for the rest of one's life in some cases.

It has taken me over a year to realize that I am not stupid, lazy, ugly, fat, a few racial slurs and more! I am a smart woman! I am positive! I am strong! I am goofy! I am creative and I can "Be" anything I set my mind to!

Hence, my "B" series on my FB and now Twitter. The "Be" series is a reminder that one can "Be" positive and enjoy life. One can "Be" a cheerleader to someone else by just smiling and saying one word or a few! What a great way to change someone's bad day or to give inspiration! Be inspiring today! Be positive! And don't be afraid to Be yourself!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We have a new puppy!

Kidding! I found this adorable puppy from Fisher Price, Love to play Puppy!
Kalven has been playing with it since we got. I have spotted it over the past few months but cringed at the price tag of over $30.00! And since I am unemployed I have been becoming even more frugal and thrifty by hitting resale shops, antique shops (YES! You can get some great buys even here!Sale booths or days!)
Finished with my Secret Pal basket! Here are the rest of the items I included!

See ya later! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Pal there is! Tomorrow is Secret Pal luncheon and last gift exchange at church! I wasn't in the best of ways this week so it was digging out my glue gun was a nice diversion. I had a bunch of ideas in mind but settled on 2 for now...

I started with some Decoupage medium, a brush, tissue paper and a empty jar. Then as I layered my paper I found some lovely treasures. Oh not a bunch I really could have went overboard! Wallpaper sample, ribbon, paper doily, a spoon and of course GLITTER! And not last but not least a button, call it my signature on any craft item I make. 

I then concocted a mixture of sugar, lemon juice/rind, and olive oil for a scrub! 

Here is a teacup that I glitzed up with spanish moss, a lace doily, a necklace, flowers and some random findings! Of course some glitter sprayed on to make it sparkle!
I have a few more goodies I'm putting in before it is all said and done!